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Multiple factors and variables create legends and we don't believe in overnight success. The greatest people on earth build themselves from the ground up and that is our inspiration. At Vellone Guitars, that's what we believe in but we are well aware that success is 1% inspiration and 99% persperation.


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Who We Are?

Legendary moments inspire us.

Founded in 2013 in Montreal, Canada, our instruments are built with the modern guitar player in mind. Founder and owner, Stefano Vellone, has over three years of formal training in luthiery school in Montreal, has apprenticed under Master Luthier Stephen Marchione, and is currently enjoying the mentorship of esteemed Luthier Michel Pellerin.

At Vellone Guitars, our mission is to craft fine acoustic guitars to the highest standards possible. We are here to help musicians and collectors enjoy the quality of our instruments and offer excitement at the pluck of every note. We strive to be the source of your inspiration.

We want you to feel comfortable expressing your needs and will gladly guide you towards the design of your guitar. Our commitment to you is to deliver a premium instrument, built with quality materials, and to fulfill your needs.

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Original Creation

Each Vellone Guitar is a one-of-a-kind unique instrument, created over the course of several months. Each piece of wood has been sourced and hand-selected, carefully dried and aged, to be part of a premium instrument that will last a lifetime. At Vellone Gutiars, we are confident that your custom instrument will exceed your expectations.


While we know that your instrument is dear to you, we also know that accidents happen. Whether your instrument is hand-made by us, another luthier or factory-made, we pride ourselves in repairing and restoring instruments and allowing them to live a second life. Have a broken headstock or cracked top? Not to worry, we will care for your instrument as if it were our own and treat it with the attention it needs.


Players love their instruments. We know that for a fact. But even the most cared-for instruments will show signs of usage after some time. Flat frets, bowed necks or uncomfortable action are all common issues which can arise in an instrument's lifetime. These are part of normal wear and tear, and will easily be fixed with a quick visit to our studio. Our tailored set-up will have your instrument playing like new, or even better, in no time!

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

(Winston Churchill)